UAS Consulting



Aero Drone UAS Consulting services will enable your organization to leverage drones to increase public and workplace safety, while reducing costs and saving time.

The Drone industry is a frontier market, evolving as rapidly as any previous breakthrough technology. Federal and state regulations are framing and shifting how we all operate in the UAS market. 

Drone technology is fragmented with several disjointed hardware and software providers, leaving gaps between data collection and data analysis. Aero Drone has the experience, skills, technology and equipment to help your organization overcome these challenges and get the most value out of your UAS program. 

Let us help you implement lasting UAS solutions to deliver actionable intelligence.


UAS Consulting Services


Drone Assessment 

Determination of applicable drone applications to further your strategic objectives. Define specific UAS value proposition and performance metrics.


Policies & Procedures

Assist and advise the creation of operating, policy and procedure manuals, maintenance protocols and reporting.


UAS Integration

Recommend the hardware, software, sensors, and communications protocols to accelerate successful implementation of your drone program or project.



Identify all relevant state and federal UAS regulations and ensure proper compliance and reporting. Prepare and plan for pending regulatory changes and revisions.