Aero Drone began providing commercial drone flight services in 2016, and as the business grew with both employees and subcontractors, we needed more robust operational governance to ensure all pilots were planning and recording their flights properly. Aero Drone wanted to showcase a high level of professionalism to customers and the public, and we needed to ensure that we were FAA compliant with reporting and certification requirements. We found that existing drone software applications didn’t provide a complete solution, they only provided pieces like flight log visualization, or airspace regulations and flight restrictions. So, Aero Drone spent two years developing, testing, and refining software built from the ground up to manage the full lifecycle of drone operations.

Aero Drone software helps you manage drone equipment and personnel, and ensures your organization is FAA compliant. The software provides process governance as enterprise policies and best practices are implicit within the application workflow.

Aero Drone software tracks employee and contractor qualifications, including pilot currency, accreditations, and certifications. The software automatically checks certification renewal dates and shows pilot and certification status during flight planning.

Aero Drone software enables scheduling and management of shared personnel and equipment, ensuring resources are available.

Aero Drone software provides workflows and automation for mission planning, ensuring repeatability of mission steps and results.

Metadata is linked to images for rich operational reports and exports to CSV file formats.

Aero Drone software is highly customizable, allowing your organization to define their own attributes and process steps.

Aero Drone software is web based and runs in the cloud. Access it from PC or mobile devices anywhere there is internet or cell connectivity.

“We use Aero Drone software for all of our drone operations, mission
planning, and information management. Aero Drone software provides the framework to ensure missions are safe and effective.”

~ Klickitat Public Utility Department sUAS Coordinator