Flight Services

Deploy UAS to Save Time, Money and Mitigate Risk




Our Aero Drone Crew of Certified Remote Pilots perform Flight Solutions with our fleet of FAA registered DJI drones including Matrice, Mavic, Inspire and Phantom Series aircraft. 

We carry $20,000,000 in aircraft liability insurance coverage and can increase our spot coverage to any amount needed to ensure your assets are fully protected.  

All our flight missions are operated by a minimum of two professional remote pilots - Pilot in Command (PIC) and Visual Observer (VO). Some missions require teams of 3-5 for Public Safety and Regulatory Compliance depending on location and complexity.


Aerial Inspections


Utilize our fleet of FAA registered drones to inspect those hard to reach places.

From power distribution lines, wind turbine blades, and solar panels to power generation stations and all types of facilities infrastructure, UAS create valuable vantage points to quickly gather actionable data.

With our FLIR infrared cameras, our drones capture images beyond the visible spectrum.


Aerial Surveys

M600 + LiDAR.jpg

Our licensed Professional Engineers pilot Velodyne A-Series LiDAR Systems to provide high quality, survey-grade LiDAR data for your project.   Our in-house GIS Analysts process all data in accordance with your project goals and objectives - saving more time. 


Emergency Response


When every second counts, our UAS First Response Team will be there to deploy our fleet of specialized drones to assessthe incident. Instantly relay critical status reports in real-time.  

From search & rescue, wildland fire, and catastrophic flood management, to earthquake and landslide damage mapping, drones enhance nearly all Emergency Response Operations.


Aerial Photography


Our Award Winning director of photography and aerial videographers have the experience to get you 'the shot.' We provide full-service cinematography or specific stills and video clips for any production.


Precision Agriculture


Maximize Revenues and Increase Efficiency with UAS mid-season Crop Health Monitoring.

Identify Irrigation Equipment Repairs for Proactive Maintenance, Avoiding Profit Loss.  

Pinpoint Invasive Species for Precise Pest Mitigation and Eradication. 

Generate Variable-Rate Fertility Field Mapping to Maximize Fertilization Efficiency. 

Monitor Livestock in Diverse Environments and Topographies.


Aerial Security


Drones create Security Surveillance where no other technology can. UAS provide Maritime Defense of commercial sea freight and private vessels, public event monitoring and wildlife anti-poaching protection. 

Observe all angles from above critical infrastructure to preform real-time Site Monitoring. Quickly scout perimeters and distribution channels.