Capturing images and other data with drones can be a game changer, but if it’s not your core business you may struggle to achieve the promised value, and you may be vulnerable to risks you are not equipped to manage. Demonstrate to the public and customers that your drone program is safe and professional.

Wondering how to start a successful drone program in your enterprise?

What would it cost? 
What training is required?  
What are the best practices?
What should be included in an Operations Manual?

How do you demonstrate professionalism and ensure safety? 

How do you integrate your drone program with current policies and procedures?



Implement a professional drone program in your enterprise

Aero Drone has the assets and experience to set up a professional drone program in your enterprise, ensuring you meet all FAA requirements, public safety expectations, and that you get the results you expect with high quality, actionable, drone data.  Aero Drone has a track record of implementing safe, effective drone programs using best practices, well defined processes, and high-quality training.

Consulting Services


Deep experience and knowledge in sUAS technology, regulations, and best practices.  


Consulting services including procurement, flight training, operations, data management, security, and safety. 


Experienced in implementing best practices, Aero Drone has examples and templates for core processes and associated manuals that are founded in real world experience.