A few years ago when people heard about unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, they only considered Military applications.  There has been an emergence of a revolution in commercial applications for UAS on the scale of horse carriage to car or the desktop computers to the internet. There are hundreds of commercial applications and business opportunities for sUAS that will continue to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation for many years.


We believe that the first step in preparing a sUAS business strategy is to focus on an application and then write a


business plan around it.  Of course one of the fundamental question to ask yourself is; does it save money and reduce risk?  Many have embraced the idea of commercialization of the sUAS but there is little knowledge.  Many have embraced the idea of commercialization of sUAS but there is little knowledge about how to accomplish this goal.  A myriad of applications are springing up from Agriculture to mining to Cinematography to Infrared to LIDAR to Inspection….and the list goes on.


There is a handful of schools that are offering undergraduate degrees in sUAS but they are taking the military operational approach; train sUAS sensor operations and train the pilots for specific operational jobs.  Students are spending up to four years earning a BS degree in aeronautics with a minor in sUAS with low (or no) flight time, no certification and no direct aerial experience in their field of interest.  These students may be in for a disappointment in a highly competitive sUAS job market.


Instead of focusing on operations as most schools do, a new school could focus on sUAS programs tailored to the sUAS Job Market.  We need to provide education to the future leaders, managers, engineers and entrepreneurs who will work at the thousands of companies starting up to the strong demand of sUAS.  By focusing on the needs of the Company and its employees gives us a framework to ensure strategic success with Business Applications.


It is very important for companies to understand sUAS and to optimize the operations to meet and exceed their strategic goals. Program/project managers and system engineers will need to develop customer requirements and create its programs to manage cost.


Imagine starting a new University/Academy dedicated to commercial applications for all unmanned system education and training. You would have to determine where to start, what qualifications the faculty would need, what tuition needs to be set, how to choose an insurance company, what the curriculums and courses would be, what the mission and vision of the school should be, how to create content for the courses, what method should be used to teach and how you would recruit faculty and students. 


Welcome to the Aero Drone Academy, a new type of learning experience devoted to corporate program development, applications and career development.

Aero Drone Academy focus’ on four steps in creating a world class curriculum.

  1. Start from the Student’s (and the Company) perspective.  Our curriculum is interesting and directly applicable to the work that will be performed at the company and for its future.

  2. Recruit world-class, subject matter faculty. We have recruited to bring instructors from successful real world applications.

  3. We keep the content real, worldly, relevant and Applicable. There are new developments in the sUAS industry almost every day.

  4. We have set a realistic training model.  We are bringing commercial skills to their students thereby increasing the value to their employers.



The Heart and Soul of the Academy is YOU!